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Mnemosyne Episode 1 Mnemosyne Episode 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Extremely professional

This submission holds a quality that most television animation could wish for. While watching this I could just lean back and enjoy the ride.

Your graphics are great, and even though I can see traces of the infuences you mention (in a positve way) you clearly embrace your own unique style. It is also nice to see how you use frame-by-frame animation when necessary (for close-ups an such), and dont tween everything. It obviously takes much more of your time, but the result is without question worth it.

Through the animation you show an obvious talent for camera angles and planned shots, which keep tempo and dynamics in the storytelling. The story is well developed and created enough interest for me to want to see more.

Your choice of sound works well, but I think you would have gained a more personal touch by removing the star wars bits which I think are overused.

To sum it up: For me, this is a perfect ten. Take your time, but please make more!

Zamcb responds:

Wow. I am glad you like it. I did take my time, and it drove me nuts, but I will begin the production of the second one after I complete a few projects I have planned with some other people. Thanks for perfect ten and your review.

The Coat The Coat

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I absolutely loved your preloader. It is a brilliant interpretation of Newgrounds logo and profile, and it set the mood perfectly.

Your animation is very good. Storywise you tie it together nicely in the end, and you transition nicely between the action sequences. It could have used more blood, but I might just be a bloodthirsty bastard.

Your choice of sound is, I suspect, also very thought through and helps the overall experience. I guess you could not find proper voice actors, and in that case your solution with text is ok. Nothing could bring a good animation down like bad voice work. I am a sucker for this type of dialogue - a blend of Sam Spade/Philip Marlowe/Max Payne disillusioned tough guy talk.

When it comes to graphics I have mixed impressions. Everything is very fluent, and your camera moves bring life and tension to it all. Your frame-by-frame animation is great, and the fighting is lovely coreographed. However, if there is anything I would complain about it is the roughness of your characters and backgrounds. Especially the details of faces, hands and such leaves soemthing to be desired.

You are a great animator. If you could focus a little more on the graphic details you would become greater still.

I am looking forward with anticipation to your next animation.

Fickludd responds:

Thanks, I put a lot of thought to the story! Regarding voice actors you are spot on. Yeah some of the graphics aren't that good and my style varies a bit because it was so long i production. Also the loads of gradients slow it down, I'll refrain from that in the future...

So: Tack så mycket för synpunkterna! Alltid kul med lite landsmän på nätet!

The White, The Black The White, The Black

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


It usually only happens a couple of times a month if you are lucky, but once in a while something unique comes along and it is definately worth the wait.

You display such a refreshing personal style in this flash that I can only sit back in awe. Your graphics are great, and you have hit the note perfectly with the animation that goes with it.

The story is very nice to follow, and the fact that it is without dialogue makes it easily accessible to anyone. Although violent, you do not go over the top with it but instead keep a humourus tone throughout the animation.

This work made me put you into my favourite authors and I am off to watch your other work.

Ballad Inure Ballad Inure

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Crisp, clean and beautiful. This summarizes your animation perfectly.

You have completely understood what most amateur animations lack the most - tempo. With fast cuts and dynamic camera movement this animation conveys a sense of live action. Your graphics are great and the detail of the characters breaks nicely from the more suggestive backgrounds. You do use a lot of tweens and there is not that much actual animation, but you seem to know exactly when to put that little extra effort to lift your animation to a whole new level.

The song fits the animation perfectly (or the other way around) and I think that sound effects would have ruined it, so good work on that.

I enjoyed this very much and if there is anything to wish for it would be that you turned this into something with a story, so that we get to see more of this world of yours.

Great submission!

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JM show ep1 JM show ep1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great first episode

First i like to compliment you on the presentation. This animation gave a very thought-through impression, from startpage to punch-line set-ups and finish.

The humour is sneaking up on you, and for me personally I enjoy that more than the in-your-face obvious 'laugh now' humour thats typical for so many present sit-coms.

The sound could use a bit more work, mainly some background/ambient music and sound. Mikes voice was a little annoying at first, but i fits the character so I grew into liking it.

Your graphics are very clean, with a nice off-perspective style that fits your characters well (I do detect a little 'College University' inspiration, but hey - that is top notch inspiration in my opinion). Everything is very clean and sharp, with nice vivid colors. Animation could use some work, but at least you have good lip-sync.

I did give you a little violence rating for the aggressive knife-wielding dustball, although I know I am being a little over-sensistive.

I sincerely hope to see more episodes, with an extension to the character-gallery to give the series a little more depth.

Brilliant work - keep it up!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very thorough

One way to tell between good and bad flash is whether it can spark your interest even though the topic does not interest you at all.

A lot of the tutorials on Newground leaves a lot to be desired, and I am not particularely fond of sprites. This tutorial however, had me exploring every part of it. I love behind the scenes documentaries, and that is the closest description I can sum this animation into. You go through all the step in the smallest detail, your navigation is simple and the overall result is extremely satisfying to watch. The one thing that might let it down is the choice of music, which was too hard for my taste. But since the tutorial was presented in text I could lower the volume without losing any content.

This tutorial is an amazing piece of work! I bow my head to you, Osuka!

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Osuka responds:

thanx, when i saw the MK behind scenes the idea of the sprite enter into my mind. Thats why i added the pictures in the tutorial, gave much ideas

low side of the road low side of the road

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice

Finally another Tom Waits fan! This is a nice choice for a music video, and your execution is brilliant. While the graphics are a bit simplistic for my taste I must say they set the mood perfectly. Having most of the scenes in black and white with spots of color adds tons to the overall experience. Your scene transitions are great, and you have made a lot of interesting choices in how to portray the meaning of the lyrics visually.

I have been entertaining the idea of making a music video for a different song from Tom Waits, but this will be hard to top. Great work!

LL-Easter Eggs LL-Easter Eggs

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


It is interesting to see the shifting quality in the submissions from the different crews here at Newgrounds. Some are really crappy, but some, like this one, shows genuine quality.

I am impressed by the crisp graphics, the scene transitions and the overall tempo in your animation. The song is a great one, but sound wise you do not offer much more.

Make more! It is submissions like this that seperates crews with ambition from all the wannabees.

Virtex: QOTD Part 2 Virtex: QOTD Part 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This is a perfect symbiosis of comics and flash, and since I actually enjoy comics more than flash I am absolutely blown away by this. Using speech bubbles instead of dialogue is a good choice when you want too keep that comicbook feeling.

With such a slick presentation it is, of course, your graphics that sells this flash. I am impressed that you have drawn new positions for your characters in almost every new scene, instead of relying on tweening. To see the introduction for all the different characters shows that you have done some serious preproduction. When it comes to music I did not notice it much, and I guess thats a good thing since it works well together with the rest of your flash. Your storyline seems a little cliché, but the characters fit well into that. All in all, in my opinion this submission screams professionality. Great work!

Swallow Tale Butterfly Swallow Tale Butterfly

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very nice

It is obvoius that you have good control of flash and how to achieve the effects that you want. The thing that impresses me the most is that you do not linger on these effects, but instead quickly moves forward in your storytelling. In my opinion you have masterad one of the most important aspects of succesful animation - tempo.

Your graphics were well drawn, clean and simple. The music worked perfectly with the story and, again, the tempo of it. I for one hope to see much more of your work - great flash!