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Mnemosyne Episode 1 Mnemosyne Episode 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Extremely professional

This submission holds a quality that most television animation could wish for. While watching this I could just lean back and enjoy the ride.

Your graphics are great, and even though I can see traces of the infuences you mention (in a positve way) you clearly embrace your own unique style. It is also nice to see how you use frame-by-frame animation when necessary (for close-ups an such), and dont tween everything. It obviously takes much more of your time, but the result is without question worth it.

Through the animation you show an obvious talent for camera angles and planned shots, which keep tempo and dynamics in the storytelling. The story is well developed and created enough interest for me to want to see more.

Your choice of sound works well, but I think you would have gained a more personal touch by removing the star wars bits which I think are overused.

To sum it up: For me, this is a perfect ten. Take your time, but please make more!

Zamcb responds:

Wow. I am glad you like it. I did take my time, and it drove me nuts, but I will begin the production of the second one after I complete a few projects I have planned with some other people. Thanks for perfect ten and your review.

The Coat The Coat

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I absolutely loved your preloader. It is a brilliant interpretation of Newgrounds logo and profile, and it set the mood perfectly.

Your animation is very good. Storywise you tie it together nicely in the end, and you transition nicely between the action sequences. It could have used more blood, but I might just be a bloodthirsty bastard.

Your choice of sound is, I suspect, also very thought through and helps the overall experience. I guess you could not find proper voice actors, and in that case your solution with text is ok. Nothing could bring a good animation down like bad voice work. I am a sucker for this type of dialogue - a blend of Sam Spade/Philip Marlowe/Max Payne disillusioned tough guy talk.

When it comes to graphics I have mixed impressions. Everything is very fluent, and your camera moves bring life and tension to it all. Your frame-by-frame animation is great, and the fighting is lovely coreographed. However, if there is anything I would complain about it is the roughness of your characters and backgrounds. Especially the details of faces, hands and such leaves soemthing to be desired.

You are a great animator. If you could focus a little more on the graphic details you would become greater still.

I am looking forward with anticipation to your next animation.

Fickludd responds:

Thanks, I put a lot of thought to the story! Regarding voice actors you are spot on. Yeah some of the graphics aren't that good and my style varies a bit because it was so long i production. Also the loads of gradients slow it down, I'll refrain from that in the future...

So: Tack så mycket för synpunkterna! Alltid kul med lite landsmän på nätet!

The White, The Black The White, The Black

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


It usually only happens a couple of times a month if you are lucky, but once in a while something unique comes along and it is definately worth the wait.

You display such a refreshing personal style in this flash that I can only sit back in awe. Your graphics are great, and you have hit the note perfectly with the animation that goes with it.

The story is very nice to follow, and the fact that it is without dialogue makes it easily accessible to anyone. Although violent, you do not go over the top with it but instead keep a humourus tone throughout the animation.

This work made me put you into my favourite authors and I am off to watch your other work.

Recent Game Reviews

Create-A-Wep 1.6 Create-A-Wep 1.6

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Nice to see an alternate take of the never ending dress-up games that flood the portal.

I like the fact that you actually took the time to create something original instead of just submitting the first thing you learned about.

If you would like a suggestion on how too extend the concept, maybe you could make more of a game out of it. Like testshooting your newly created weapon perhaps?

Another great dress-up that has more of a game element to it is "Weltling Dressup" by Edmund McMillen and Riftmaster. People should look and learn from such submissions as theirs and yours.

Good work!

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blak-pantha responds:

Thanks, Henrik!

Neko's Manga Tutorials 1 Neko's Manga Tutorials 1

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Needs work

It is always nice to see the workflow of an artist, and your style is very appealing. I would like to see an animation from you in the future.

For a tutorial though, this does not work too well. When it comes to buttons you need to put a clickable area (it could be black like your background), so that it is not necessary to hit the letters exactly. Also, when you are using music that can be a little intrusive it might be a good idea to make it possible to turn it off.

Judging by your graphics you definately have skill. Looking forward to your next submission.